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Racheal, Former FTK Recipient

"Hi, my name is Racheal and I just want to take a minute to tell you about how this program has helped me. For years For The Kids has helped me and my Mom. My Mom is disabled and we live off of child support. We struggle to make ends meet. But when For The Kids stepped in they made sure I had food for the weekends, they even helped with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner!

I am not the only child this amazing organization has helped, they have helped many other children like me make sure that they didn’t go hungry on the weekends. These people are amazing, and I know I have made life long friends. I would not be where I am today without them."


Heather NewellPrincipal, Backman Elementary

"I am the principal of Backman Elementary, one of the schools who benefits from this weekend food program. Each Friday, For the Kids volunteers walk the halls delivering bags of food to students so they will have what they need to sustain them over the weekend. One Friday, a volunteer handed a bag of food to a second grader who was gathering his book bag in the hallway. She explained that it was food for the weekend, and he would get it each week. His face lit up as he thanked us, telling us that they didn’t have food in their cabinets at home. During my six years a Backman, For the Kids has filled the bellies of kids each week. We know this helps kids have a happier and healthier weekend, so they come more prepared to learn on Monday morning. Even more important, For the Kids shows our students that our community members care about them and their needs. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 school dismissal. Thanks to For the Kids and their partners, Backman 250 families receive full food bags each week. In addition to providing weekend food, Minda Zoloth and her organization makes sure our families have holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Winter Break. They provide support of families and prizes for kids and support for our school community. Of all the partners I have worked with over the past six years, Minda and For the Kids has been the most consistent, dedicated and flexible! It is truly a pleasure to work with an organization that has the same passion for kids as our staff! The act of getting the food bags to our school each Friday takes a monumental effort from those community members that work with For the Kids. The recruitment of donations and volunteers, the packing of food bags, the organization of the deliveries, the planning for extra events like the Thanksgiving dinners For the Kids provides for nearly 300 families, the execution of multiple fundraisers each year all require strong communication, branding and social media presence. It is truly an act of love."


JaNeal Rodriguez, Principal atLiberty Elementary

"In my four years as the principal of Liberty Elementary school, For The Kids has played an integral role in providing weekend food to our students. Without fail, For The Kids delivers bags filled with food each Friday to our school. Their friendly volunteers can be seen in our hallways and around our school delivering essential provisions to our students. In addition to Friday food bags, For The Kids has also provided Thanksgiving dinners to over 200 families each year. 

It is no easy feat to fulfill the food requirements our school requires. Those with For The Kids work tirelessly to purchase, pack, and distribute the food so many rely upon. Enlisting the support of volunteers, procuring donations, assembling bags, coordinating deliveries, and doing so while making it look easy is exceedingly difficult. For The Kids makes this daunting task happen every single week and throughout holiday season. The stress of going a weekend without food is no longer a worry for our students. This reduction in stress over food is illustrated as students are less concerned at the end of the school week and more prepared to learn when school resumes on Monday morning. All of this is thanks to the tireless work done by an incredible organization."


Anonymous Parent

"I just wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate that you have been able to help my family with food a few times when it was very needed. I had hoped my unemployment situation was only temporary but I just found out last week that I have breast cancer and surgeries and chemotherapy in my near future. With that said, again I couldn't be more thankful to you and your organization for being so helpful during our hard times".


Clinton Cannon, CEO of Cannon Capital

Our company, Cannon Capital Management, and our families have been blessed with the opportunity over the past several years to help For The Kids in their effort to provide food to children and families that need food support.  Minda, Kenzie and the rest of the folks at For The Kids are true heroes – they have chosen to do some good and are relentless in their efforts to provide hope, encouragement and food to all they assist and meet.  We love being a part of the effort to share our care and get food where it is needed – the folks at For The Kids have  made where they walk in the world a better place! 

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