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Back in 2010 Minda learned that kids who are on the Federal Free Lunch program are often hungry throughout the weekend. She contacted a local school and started delivering 50 bags of food for kids to have on the weekend.

Minda then went from feeding 50 kids to 250 in 18 months. She reached out to local businesses and community leaders. She invited Rosanna, Kipp & Heather to join her in starting For The Kids, a non-profit 501C3 organization, in an effort to change children's lives. 

We invite you to join us in serving underprivileged kids here in Salt Lake. For The Kids is about helping the underprivileged kids in our back yard.

Once a week we deliver bags of food to inner city schools here in Salt Lake, the teachers put the bags in their backpack as they head home for the weekend.  They come back to school with full stomachs, ready to learn and start the week off right. 

Many of the kids who receive this food are refugees, homeless or living with relatives. In walking through the halls, we have heard a kid crying because they did not know if their mom, who was in prison, was getting their letters because she had not written back. We have learned about kids moving in with an aunt because both their parents were in drug rehab.  In talking with the school administration about these kids, the word trauma comes up frequently.  

We cannot fix their situations, or solve their problems. However we can make sure they are not hungry. We can let them know that others care and think about them. The food we provide helps with their immediate needs. The mentoring and development we do with the school provides opportunities for a better future. 

It takes many hands to make this happen. We need help from generous people. Every week 2400 items leave our shelves. For the Kids is constantly replenishing those items. It takes time to sort the food into individual bags and to deliver them to the classrooms. If you would like to be a part of For The Kids, please email us. info@forthekids.org

This year we have volunteers working with a local elementary to help in their class rooms and at school events. Our goal is help these children get the most out of their education.

Minda Zoloth

Chief Executive Director

The truth is that I know I lack natural charisma and I don’t inspire people as easily as others, but what I do have is my story. I have a passion for volunteering because of where I came from. I start with a quote “Get Started, Make it happen” (Author Unknown).
It really can be that simple.

Kipp Mayeux


Growing up in rural Louisiana I witnessed the financial challenges many families endured and how that impacted the lives of children. By having a father who was our school district’s Superintendent for many years I learned the importance of education as a way to promote a better future for all of those who take full advantage. Kids who are well nourished are more likely to reach their educational potential, which can additionally foster increased self-confidence and a positive life style. All of us who are in more fortunate circumstances have a responsibility to make our communities and great country even better and “For the Kids” aims to do just that.

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